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"Faces marred and chiseled, with intense gazes that seize you and never let go. Expressively crafted countenances that convey suffering but also hope, life in all its violence and beauty. The human figure haunts Antonio Veronese's paintings, an obsessive motif he unfolds from one canvas to the next... 'The face is inexhaustible,' the artist appreciates, 'I have opened Pandora's box.' The painter's palette transitions between tender pastel and soft tones, or more vibrant when red and yellow explode onto the canvas. Veronese spent a long time working alongside imprisoned children, from which he retained a rare ability to capture the essence of humanity!"

Christine Monin

La Vie Magazine-Paris

L'homme Noir

"The almost obsessive pursuit of the face... The face alone, as it contains a concentration of everything, of the essential."

- Journal O Globo 

"The image of the marginalized is not obscene... Obscene is indifference."

- Antonio Veronese

La brésilienne
Petite fille en rouge

An indefinable impression... At once spiritual, childlike, mystic... The mouth, although closed, speaks... The eyes plead, question, scrutinize, command... There is a sense of supplication, mixed with the power to compel...

- D&J Besso

La brésilienne
L'homme Noir
Petite fille en rouge
La bourgeoise
Le petit sourire
Tête d'homme
Tête de femme (La bourgeoise)
La vendeuse de pomme
Hommage a Van Gogh

Should one of them inspire you, it could become the centerpiece of your personal collection.

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