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Antonio Veronese

The Painter of the Gaze

This book is at the heart of Antonio Veronese's artistic vision, an expression of his journey as both an artist and a passionate observer of the world. It is more than a collection of art; it is a manifestation of his commitment to beauty, humanity, and social justice through the prism of painting.

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Antonio Veronese's artistic approach, rooted in travel and encounters, has been shaped by the many cultures that have welcomed him. Each work presented in this book is a dialogue between his gaze and the world, an attempt to capture the nuances of human emotion and the untold stories of the faces he paints. He draws his inspiration from the diversity of expressions, revealing through his paintings the depths of the human condition.

Tête de femme (La bourgeoise)
Petite fille en rouge

This project was born from his desire to share with readers the perspectives he has gained, the emotions he has felt, and the injustices he has witnessed. Through these pages, he invites you to dive into a universe where each brushstroke speaks, where each color carries a voice, where each canvas tells a story.

This very personal work is an invitation to see beyond the visible, to understand the emotions and stories hidden behind each look. With Antonio Veronese, we hope this book will resonate with you, open your inner doors, and encourage you to explore and embrace alterity, this invaluable richness that nourishes our shared humanity.


Antonio Veronese

Antonio Veronese's life has been dedicated to painting for over three decades now. His studio, located in France, is a sanctuary where he creates, experiments, and expresses his vision of the world. His first encounter with painting was not just a discovery, but a true love affair; he was captivated by the texture of the paint, the mixed scents of linseed oil and turpentine, and the mystery embodied by each blank canvas.

Over the years, his art has evolved, influenced by numerous travels and the diverse cultures that have welcomed him. Each landscape, each face, and each story he has encountered has enriched his artistic repertoire, allowing him to capture the nuances of human emotion with greater finesse. These journeys are not merely physical escapades but true spiritual quests where he seeks to understand and interpret the human condition through his work.

Each piece he creates is the result of a deep dialogue between experience and reflection. It is in the silence of his studio, surrounded by his brushes and canvases, that he translates these experiences into images. His work is an exploration of beauty, pain, joy, and sorrow, a blend of realism and mysticism where each brushstroke adds to the complexity of the whole.

In this book, Antonio shares with you not only his creations but also the stories behind each work, the inspirations drawn from unforgettable encounters, and the lessons learned along the way. This book is an invitation to travel through the eyes of the artist, to explore the depth of human emotions, and to celebrate the diversity that enriches our world.

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La bourgeoise

Now you know everything...

Publishing such a book, dedicated to the work of Antonio Veronese, with the quality standards we uphold, represents a significant financial challenge.

The price of 75€ reflects our commitment to meticulous editorial and graphic work, the true beating heart of this project. Every detail has been carefully considered to honor to the art of Antonio Veronese, The Painter of the Gaze. By choosing Escourbiac, a printer renowned for its excellence in art printing, we have prioritized impeccable quality.

Your purchase would be a valuable support for us, helping to make this project a resounding success!

Michel Morvan, President of Chemins de tr@verse Editions

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L'homme Noir
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